Tower Garden by Kristin Gafford



A Fun Way to Garden

Tower Garden by Juice Plus is not only sustainable, but a fun way to grow your fruits and vegetables whether it is in a home, a restaurant, in a learning setting, retirement center, airport, porch or rooftop!

Having a traditional garden is great! If you don’t have time or the space an aeroponic garden is a wonderful alternative.  You can grow inside or outside, vine ripened, faster and greater yields with less pests, disease & weeds and with 90% less water and space.

Tower Garden by Juice Plus Gives Back

We have partnered with the Boys & Girls Clubs across the United States by providing Tower Garden’s through our Juice Plus Foundation grant program. Not only does the Club get a free Tower Garden, but a JP representative to help guide and teach the children how to grow and harvest their produce. There are also a number of schools that apply for garden grants through several organizations and companies and use their grant money to buy the Tower Garden. We have several free resources including lesson plans that can be integrated into a school’s curriculum! The students love learning, growing, harvesting and tasting what they grow! They even are able to take the surplus home to their families!

Check it Out

Check it out . One of the best benefits of having a Tower Garden is that it gets you excited about growing your own produce, sharing and eating it! I have had mine for 7 years, it has been a gift to my family and friends and inspires others to grow their own food!

Eat Well, Live Well, Be Well

Kristin Gafford