Recalibrate the World

Leaders take in what is around them, clean it up and put out something better. They act like an air-purifier! This is what defines a leader; they feel it is their responsibility to make this world a better place. I think leaders are defined by their ability to make others and the world better, nothing else really. We are all in positions of authority, but do we make society better?  Do we lead in our various roles?

So much is happening in the world right now. It overwhelms me.

People have gotten so comfortable judging others based on assumptions, even those once trusted. Assumptions are made without all the facts and often without any facts. People who know us, people who should assume the best, who should ask and engage in dialogue with us, but because our world has made judge first and ask later okay- the assumptions and judgements persist.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not using this as a way to defend wrong doing. But having no interest in dialoging before making assumptions, will only cause divide and will do nothing to better society.

Leaders want to make the world a better place but their honest desire to do so means they will make mistakes, be misunderstood. We can’t be afraid to make mistakes if we want to be our best selves. In a society where it is all too common to not wait for clarification, seek understanding or offer loving kindness before killing with judgement, leading is challenging.  Why would a leader want to lead? Often great leaders retreat, turning down high profile roles.

Hating others who think differently only puts more hate into the world. Throwing anger on anger only creates more anger. Making assumptions when people make (what we think are) mistakes, denies everyone the opportunity to learn and to grow.

I was watching a movie with my daughter a while ago and a character said something so profound. When life gives you something negative, recalibrate the universe by doing something to counteract that negativity. If someone cuts you off in traffic, go out of your way to let someone in next time you are in traffic. If you lose your wallet or it is stolen, make a donation to a charity. Recalibrate the universe. Can you imagine what this world would be like if we all practiced this? 

Go recalibrate the universe folks!

With Purpose,


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