What is Group Coaching?

Some people think group coaching is a less expensive, more diluted way to experience coaching. Actually, group coaching is a very different experience than individual coaching.

Group coaching is an experience that mimics the interconnected world we live in and work through. It is an opportunity to work with other individuals; people very different from us, but around a topic of interest. Think about this. It means that a group of people come together around a topic, but everyone comes with a different way of looking at it, a different personality, and a different natural inclination of how they approach it. 

Group coaching lets us do a number of things.

One – we explore a topic.

We talk about something of interest and we learn from each other, with a facilitator (that’s me). It is a time to connect in a safe space with others from different industries, different perspectives and from different areas of the country.

Two – we get to self reflect.

We have exercises that allow for personal reflection. It gives us time to go deep within and find strengths and areas where we may have been stuck. This personal insight is invaluable to our growth and if we are willing to share, it can be extremely useful to the group.

Three – we share insights with the group.

This gives us the opportunity to learn from each other, help unblock each other, normalize certain fears and celebrate others’ unique strengths. 

Four – we experience an individual coaching session.

This allows us to work through anything in a private coaching session. I recommend these take place during the month/s of the group coaching sessions in order for you to share your growth and insights, if you choose.  However, you are free to schedule your individual coaching session at your convenience.  

Five – we get a network of support.

This may be the best benefit of group coaching, a group supporting us around a topic of interest. Cheering us on, there when we need a lift. I use a coaching platform that allows participants to engage with one another and many go on to stay in touch. 

Some additional session information.

Some group coaching sessions include a personal assessment. These sessions delve into your assessment and explore the meaning. Most sessions last four weeks long and take place on a Friday during an East Coast lunch time. Eat your lunch while we meet, or breakfast if you are on the west coast. 

Try one if you haven’t. Check out our schedule on our website.

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